PCC, inc.
TRENCHless Technology
Cured In-Place Pipe

Cured In-Place trenchless technology makes it possible for us to rehabilitate
underground sewers and other pipelines without digging or disruption. This trenchless
technology is our primary focus, but is only one of the services we offer.

For high quality pipeline rehabilitation, we use Masterliner, which is made in the USA,
from Masterliner Incorporated in Hammond, La.

                Benefits of
Masterliner's Cured In Place Pipeline Rehabilitation Systems
•        No excavation
•        Fast and simple installation
•        High strength and corrosion resistant resins
•        Very economical
•        Jointless renovation
•        Full range of pipe sizes
•        Custom pipe diameters and wall thickness
•        Complete encapsulation system        
•        Long term structural solutions
•        Improves flow characteristics
•        Virtually eliminates infiltration & exfiltration
•        Continuous research and development
•        Quality assurance
•        Total pipe renewal systems